Trust My Work was born out of a love for great customer service. I started my work for pay life at age 13 in a gas station and 1 bay car wash in the 80’s. In about 3 months, I was running Sunday on my own. I would pump gas, wash the windshield, check the oil,and top off windshield washer fluid. Also, I would direct people into the car wash and manually run the controls for the machine to go back and forth to wash and rinse the cars.

Rain, snow, sleet, heat, cold it didn’t matter, the doors had to be open and I had to be out there serving people. I look back so fondly on that job, I learned a lot about customer service and its value. There was no internet, no computers really, no social media, and no GOOGLE, but there was word of mouth! They could go across the street to another station, but they chose to come to where the 13 year old kid was that did something extra.

When I started working on cars in 1987, with a degree in Applied Science, with a focus in Automotive Technology, I had to learn how to do that “something extra” with a service that could largely not be seen by the customer. If I changed the oil, I would wipe down all the plastic under the hood so it shined if they opened the hood. After a few years of doing that, I decided I wanted to engage with more customers than I could working on one car at a time. I moved to a Service Advisor position and started talking to 10-20 customers a day. I won awards from the manufacturer for customer service. I have never looked back!

That brings us to why I created, Trust My Work. Year after year as I grew in the customer service field, I saw people taking incredible care of their customers and getting no recognition for it. A customer might fill out a survey but no one except people in the business saw it. They may put up a GOOGLE or YELP! review, but that was for the company and only mentioned the person they dealt with.

These great customer advocates were left with nothing when they tried to advance their careers or grow their influence with new customers. The word of mouth that helped this 13 year old had now become the internet and the new customer service champions were not benefiting from it. Until now!

I was fed up with that model and decided to change the landscape, tilt the playing field in the direction of the great customer service champions that were providing exceptional service to their customers. Their customers have always loved them, and wanted to tell people about them, but ended up only benefiting the company.

I want that individual professional to get the recognition they deserve, build trust and with that trust increase their income.

Trust My Work provides a way for the customer to express their gratitude toward the professional and at the same time provide a way for new potential customers to find a great professional to work with. I know the idea of rating an individual professional is new and probably scary to most. Just think about leaving the house without your cell phone, 10 years ago that was a why would I want a cell phone? The personal brand is the new buzz word but in reality it is the word of mouth of the 21st century!


Dave Foy

Founder and CEO of Trust My Work
30 plus years in Customer Service