Reviews Are A Big Deal

Reviews are a BIG DEAL...Bigger than you may think “Fill out this survey and you could win an i-pod or $1,000,” said the customer service representative at the local shop. “And here’s your receipt with a survey at the bottom. If you could kindly fill it out for me you will receive 15% off your next purchase,” said the floor manager at a well known clothing store. In both of these occurrences, I’ve asked if these reviews help them as individuals. Some know that it gives them a bonus. Some have no idea. What?! If I’m putting in many hours of work, I would want that to be noted and get the reputation that can follow me. How many times have you heard this? More often than not, you’re probably driven to leave a review if you had a bad experience. It wasn’t until I married someone who works in customer service that I realized how much a review means to the employee and the employer. It’s HUGE!!! Reviews can make or break an employee, employer, business, and furthermore a large industry. It is actually a large percentage of what makes this whole money thing function. I’ve witnessed whole businesses fail because of negativity and poor reviews of individuals. I’ve witnessed individuals and businesses thrive because of the trust in their work that they have built. As a consumer, I’d rather do business with a person I can trust. That’s a no brainer. Here at TMW, we like to look at reviews in the positive sense. Not the negative. We focus on how reviews will actually allow an individual to explode, drive business, and allow core value goals to be reached in ways that were never thought possible. Here’s our simple review formula. Review+Trust=Profit. Today, TMW challenges you to take one day in your life. Think about who you could review in one day, or who you could be reviewed by. Reviews are a very BIG deal.