Social Proof: Increase Your Influence

Reviews are social proof of your work. A site built for freelancers, independents and anyone that deals with customers that wants to carry their credibility with them wherever they go.

Your personal brand is something that you should have been focusing on 10 years ago! We are now in an age where it is hugely important to your earning potential. If you did not start 10 years ago, start right now! Think of the people in your life that know, like and trust you. They come to you for advice, for help or for encouragement.

Now imagine that you could multiply that influence by 100’s or 1000’s of people! What could that do to your income? If you decided to change the field you were in you would already have people that would follow you, if you took another job in another company, people would follow you! Are you going to sit back and wait for a company to get customers in the door or would you like to have some control over that?

You must develop your personal brand, must, not should! In the age of social media, when a potential employer can go onto FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube or SnapChat and see the “other” side of what you presented in the interview you need to also be able to present to them your professional brand. They need to know that although you do have your fun, when it comes to work the customers love you!

I would never suggest that you could have a completely ridiculous camera roll on other social networks and that would be ok, you should always be mindful of the person you are. You always want to represent yourself in the best possible light but never misrepresent yourself, ever!

Join today and start gathering your social proof, increase your income potential and your influence!