The Age of The Individual - Unlock Your Potential

In the world we exist in today there are massive companies to get us whatever we want and quickly. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, McDonald's, Dick's and 7-Eleven are all examples. Those companies all share a common thread, the systems are all fulfilled by individual people. Everything can be drawn down to one person. Yet when is that one person recognized for their work? Rarely if ever is the honest answer. Many times those individuals can feel trapped because, although they work hard and produce great results, no one has a way to give them the kudos they deserve.

Now they can and use that social proof to get more customers, have more confidence, make more money and get a better job if they choose. This has been all too common for a very long time. Individual professionals working hard, producing results and not being recognized. This economy is moving in another direction. People want to shop where they know someone, trust someone and like someone. Linkedin has exploded recently because of this movement. Individual professionals interacting with other individual professionals, separate from the company they work for to better themselves.

The only issue with this platform for the customer facing professional, is that this is almost exclusively a business to business interaction. The individual professionals are interacting within, for the most part, the industry in which they work. The customer is left out or the customer is another business. So if you are a personal trainer, a hair stylist, a clerk at the convenience store, the barista at Starbucks or the service advisor at the local car dealership you are left with nowhere to turn to be recognized by your customers! That is why exist, to give you a place where customers can recognize the amazing customer service you provide to them every single day!

Imagine being able to go to that next job interview and direct them to your profile with 100 examples of your great work. Do you believe this would give you an advantage over someone else that just tells the interviewer that they are great? It absolutely will give you an advantage! As a customer of these great champions of service, you get the opportunity to recognize the person taking care of you. You also can find a great person to deal with before you go to a business. Now you no longer need to rely on just what your friend says about her new hair stylist, you can see what others you do not know say also, you get an unbiased opinion without the risk of walking around with bowl cut for a month!

We also understand that everyone has a bad day, a poor interaction, or something out of your control that goes wrong. Reputation Protection is there for those times. You get a bad review and there is a process to resolve it and be transparent about the resolution! All customers want to feel secure in the fact that if something does not go right, their issue will be addressed.

A seamless process to build trust for current and future customers. In the age of big business we all want to not feel like a transaction. Thousands of individual professionals are delivering that personal, trusted and quality service every day. Now you have a way to be recognized! Photo by marcos mayer on Unsplash