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While immersed in the Automotive industry as eCommerce Director with the Bernie Moreno Companies, forward thinker Sean Weaver saw a need to improve upon the software and tools available using video messaging. Sean realized that in order to optimize this channel, it needed to a) remove existing barriers, b) provide a flexible way to deliver additional content, and c) track results in real time. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Sean collaborated with his cousin William Kahl, a seasoned developer/programmer/marketer, and BMC President Bernie Moreno to build the most proficient, user friendly software application that allowed their team to include relevant next step actionables. The CarFilm App was test driven within BMC dealerships and other select partners, enhanced based on user and customer experience feedback, until ready to present to the entire automotive industry in January 2018. In order to get CarFilm in front of as many folks as quickly as possible, Marni McClennan was brought in as Partner and Queen of Getting Sh*t Done. With 25 years of automotive experience on both the retail and vendor side, Marni has a network second to none. Video messaging is not a new communication channel; however it is all about the presentation. With CarFilm, your personalized message captivates your audience and delivers - within our unique underlay - the desired next steps of your process.

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