Transparent Reputation Protection

I knew when I created Trust My Work that people would be fearful of putting their name out there to be attacked by frivolous accusations, people looking for something free or just plain unhappy people that take pleasure in ruining someone's day.

That is why one of the first requirements of this product was to protect the reputation of the individual professional. I had no interest in doing this the way many companies do, dumping a ton of fake reviews in to “bury” the bad one or hiring a company to “eliminate” the poor scores. I do this through Transparent Reputation Protection.

If a review comes in at 3 stars or below we instantly quarantine it and start a mediation process to resolve the concern. There is no contact between the customer and the Trust My Work member. Everything goes through us. After a resolution is reached, we publish the review, with the resolution to be totally transparent and to show a customer that they can trust in the fact that if an issue arises, it will be addressed. This is a massive boost for customer trust and a safety net for the individual professional as things do not always go right!

30 years in customer service has taught me the value of trust, transparency and the truthful resolution of an issue. Both the customer and the individual professional benefit!

Join today with the confidence of knowing that Transparent Reputation Protection is always active!